Position of accompaniment

Subjectivist paradigm approaches :
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The subjectivist approaches promote the relationship between the learner and his/her environment and the emergence of an agroecological ethic which stimulates respect for nature.
They respect the individual evolutions of each learner and avoid the temptation of complying with institutional knowledge.

The skill remains intimately linked to the person. We propose two models for training :

(1) one which favours an individual connection with the environment through sensitive, sensorial and imaginary approaches;

(2) the other which aims at helping the learner in his/her evolution by accompanying him/her in solving a problem.


Sensitive approach :

To create a situation-problem :

From a problem or a professionnal situation to analyse :

To work from a problem of participants to research solution :

To use case study :

How to listen, to observe, to feel, to talk... :

Furthering your discovery of training itinerary :
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