Agroecological knowledge and its employment in eco-farming - Szent István University

Structure SZIE Hungary
Target group
  • Students
Duration 1,5 hours
Preamble Recognizing elements of agroecology and their employment in eco-farming: beneficial effects of eco-farming on the fertility of the soil, on human heath etc. Alternative solution in practice.
Principles of action After basic instructions, the audience (students,participants) is devided into groups and will continue to work in groups. Proper instructions are given in the downloadable attachment (in Hungarian).
Limits and difficulties encountered Better to work with motivated students. They really need motivation and encouragement as at the end of the course the group needs to present their mind-map. (See photo).
Recommendations For article analysis, you need to search for interesting articles that contain not too basic information. I recomment you to search for more specific themes (e.g. new rice production system in Asia that is combined with fishing, fishes eat the pests of the rice, so farmers can use less pesticide etc.)
Fichier : bf_fichierjoint_Oko-előadas_es_gyakorlat.pptx Download
Speakers Apolka UJJ
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Adress Páter K. u.1
Post code 2100
City Gödöllő
Country Hungary