The partners

- Supagro, Institute for Higher Education in Environment-Florac
- association-FUMETERRE.html
- savoir-faire & co , apprentissage de savoirs agroécologiques
- The Merle training center school of shepherds, animal productions
- Geyser : study of relations between the territories, natural resources and local communities.
- Working group regional studies, Department of Geography,, University of Marburg (Germany). Environmental, social and economic issues
- Federation of family agrarian schools in Galicia (ES): vocational training
- Vlaamse Landmaatschappij (B) agency of land development and rural development of the Flemish government
- Chamber of agriculture and forestry of Slovenia
- Szent Istvan Univerity ( Hu), training of experts in agriculture and agri-food
- USAMV Cluj Napoca (Ro), management of the rural environment

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