Country Belgium

Experiment with solar-powered pump in meadow bird farming

Domain of activity
  • Agriculture
  • Other
Place of experiment on a farm
Description of experiment A public demonstration is organised to show the succes of an experiment set up by a farmer, an adviser and a ngo. The farmer uses a solar-powered pump to manage the level of water on his grasslands. By this management the farmer can control the type of grass in his grasslands and the amount of feed for meadow birds in the breeding season. To show this experiment, other farmers and ngo's can be inspired.
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Succes factor visibility of the demonstration people with different visions
Met difficulties takes some time to prepare takes effort to bring farmers, ngo's and politicians together
Contact Davy Noelmans (VLM)
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Address Koningin Astridlaan 50, 3500 Hasselt
Town Hasselt
Author of the index card Sylvie Fosselle
Author Structure VLM
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