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Anne Moneyron, freelance researcher in educational sciences, is our program evaluator. She has developed the ecosavoir concept and she has accompanied a SupAgro team since 2009 in its thinking about education and availability of educational resources on agroecological knowledges in French Agricultural Education.

You can find here the evaluator's proposal for our external project appraisal she sent us during our call for applications. We validated its :
Evaluation proposal for Sagiter

Interim evaluation - June 1st 2014
Partial assessment by Anne Moneyron
Interim evaluation - June 1st 2015
Overall assessment by Anne Moneyron (0.2MB)
Follow-up committee and Scientific and technical committee meetings analysis by Anne Moneyron (0.5MB)
Presentation : Five proposals for research-action SAGITER by Anne Moneyron (0.9MB)
Interim evaluation - June 4th 2016
Partial assesment by Anne Moneyron (0.5MB)
Final evaluation - December 30th 2016
Final evaluation by Anne Moneyron (0.5MB)
Progress report
Rapport confidentiel intermédiaire Sagiter (0.5MB)
Rapport publique intermédiaire Sagiter (1.8MB)
Progress report evaluation by european agency
Approval Sagiter progress report (0.4MB)
Final report
Rapport confidentiel final Sagiter (0.9MB)
Rapport publique final Sagiter (2.6MB)
Rapport d'observations factuelles par un auditeur externe.pdf (1.2MB)
Final report evaluation by european agency
Will be available from end of march 2017