Country Belgium

Meadow Birds Café

Domain of activity
  • Agriculture
  • Management of environment
Place of experiment Farm of farmer who manages his meadows for
Description of experiment This experiment is based upon the methodology and the design principles of the World Café Process. • Create a space where people can meet freely without conflict • Start with interactive course of a science expert about agriculture and meadow bird topics • Set up a discussion between farmers and nature ngo’s, so people can listen to the different visions upon the management of grasslands and meadows • Give a present ‘recognizing meadow bird booklet’ to all participants • Set up a field visit for showing the experiences of farmers and nature ngo’s • End the Café with an Informal discussion and networking moment
More information [[ Principles]] [[ Collection]] (Dutch)
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Succes factor to create a nice and 'safe' setting for bringing people together with to create a networking evironment to honour farmers and nature ngo's for their cooperative work to give a present to the farmers
Met difficulties Takes time to convince farmers, politicians to participate in the event.
Contact Davy Noelmans (VLM)
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Address Koningin Astridlaan 50, 3500 Hasselt
Town Hasselt
Author of the index card Sylvie Fosselle, Davy Noelmans
Author Structure VLM
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