Country Belgium

Questionnaire for self-reflection of advisers/consultants

Subtitle / abstract the advisers asking questions to themselves about their way of advising, about transferring knowledge,.
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Support of the practice documentation questionnaire
Place of experiment Gent and Leuven
Description of experiment A questionnaire is set up by some advisers. The questions are about: - the way an adviser is preparing his visit to a farmer - the way he gives advise and talks to the farmer - the way he receives information and what he does with this information - how he handles with the information after the visit The advisers fill in the anonymous questionnaire and have the possibility to discuss it with a central person who helps them to understand the meaning of the questions (if necessary). After this, there is an open discussion with all the advisers and a moderator about the (anonymous) answers. The idea is to give the adviser insight in his way of working with farmers.
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Succes factor the questionnaire is anonymous a discussion afterwards is good for hearing about the experiences of others
Met difficulties Questions are interpreted differently by different people and therefore there are answers difficult to compare Some people don't have patience to fill in the questionnaire Some people are not open to question their way of working
Contact Sébastien Janssenss
Address Vestiging Brugge, Velodroomstraat 28, 8200 Brugge
Town Brugge
Author of the index card Sylvie Fosselle
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