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Recovering of hops practice in Galicia

Subtitle / abstract This document shows the process developed in the territory with the involvement of different actors for recovering this practice
Domain of activity
  • Agriculture
Support of the practice documentation Text and pictures
Place of experiment Comarca As Mariñas - Region of Galicia - Spain
Description of experiment the different actions in the territory with the involvement of different actors for the recovery of hop growing in this rural area are described: - Programming of cultural activities for the involvement of the population. They are events that awaken historical memory about this tradition - Creation of local groups involving multiple actors: old producers, local hops cooperative, training centers, advisers, development actors and brewing company interested in producing a beer with this kind of hops - Youth activities, future farmers, with field practices so that they can know the crop hops directly
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Succes factor - Network actors - To have resource persons (older) as transmitters - Involvement of beer Company - encourages production - Intergenerational exchange - young people (students - future farmers) and older (former producers) -Impact on training (training center role) - ensures the transmission
Met difficulties -Resource persons too old with dificulties to transmit - only oral transmission -Difficulty to involve stakeholders in the territory -Poor documentation about this practice
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