Florac seminar - November 2013

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Florac is situated on Tarnon at the heart of the National park of the Cévennes in the entry of"Gorges du Tarn", at the foot of the limestone plateau Méjean and the Cévennes. It is in the crossroads of three remarkable geological sites: the schist of the Cévennes, the granite of the mount Lozère and the limestone of limestone plateaus.

It is also situated in the confluence of four streams: the source of the Peach tree Tarnon, Mimente and Tarn. That's why Florac says to be in the " crossroads of the stone and the water .

The activities of SupAgro Florac are characterized by an original posture in the interface of the agricultural technical education and the agronomic higher education, the strong territorial anchoring at the heart of the National park of the Cévennes, the conservation area in the world heritage by the UNESCO, and the culture of the educational innovation in the service of the social and human development.

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SupAgro Florac - France
Le centre de formation du Merle

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University of Marburg - Germany
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