Country Spain

Tradition of hop growing in Galicia

Subtitle / abstract Old audiovisual document containing all traditional production stages of growing hops
Support of the practice documentation documentary film
Place of experiment Fields hops production and brewing company in Galicia
Description of experiment The documentary deals with the recovery of an old audiovisual documentary on the production of hops and demonstrating the tradition of this crop in a region of Galicia, where the hops was the main economic activity for many families. The documentary also shows all stages of production, with the involvement of men and women according to different tasks, up to the brewing.
More information It is a documentary made by the Government of Spain - Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Areas. ""
La cultura tradicional del Lúpulo en Galicia por sagiter2015 par sagiter2015""
Succes factor It is a visual reflection of a reality that confirms the existence of this tradition of hop growing in Galicia. It serves to reinforce the recovery of this traditional economic activity, today almost disappeared
Met difficulties Difficulty in accessing to this kind of material and there is not many documents as these
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