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Transmitting agro-ecological knowledge

Description of the Work This notebook was realized within the framework of SAGITER funded with support from the European Commission across Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci sub-programme
More information Sagiter is the result of a "study action" led over three years by ten partners stemming from seven countries of Europe. This program was the object of a support by the European Commission within the framework of the program Léonardo Da Vinci. It joins in a dynamics of valuation of agroecological knowledges and ingenious systems developed over time on territories. In this context, the device of training finds all its place in the evolution of the representations, the transmission or the development of techniques and knowleges, the consolidation of networks and social links. To favor a better consideration of these knowledges, their mode of acquisition and transmission, Sagiter developed educational resources aimed at the trainers, the teachers and the agricultural advisers
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