Country Belgium

Video about managing grasslands and meadows

Subtitle / abstract An easy made video about how a farmer manages his grasslands in a productive way but with respect for the meadow birds.
Domain of activity
  • Agriculture
  • Management of environment
Support of the practice documentation videos
Place of experiment Beringen
Description of experiment This experiment is based upon the tool of "autoconfrontation" 1. Define about what knowledge or experience you want to make a video 2. Define your target public (advisors, farmers, citizens, authorities) 3. Go to farmer and explain about the aim and the methodology of the tool 4. Make an appointment with farmer about when you will film his practices 5. Day of practices: farmer elaborates practices, actions are filmed with simple camera or smartphone 6. Editing of the first film shots 7. Return to farmer with edited film about practices, show him video and ask him to comment the scenes. Ask him more specific questions about the actions. 8. The farmer will comment the scenes and step by step will go further into detail and finally explains the deeper reason why he is doing this practices. This is very important to registrate because this is how you can understand what is underlying reason for him and how it could trigger other farmers to take over this practice. 9. The shots of the farmer while he is commenting his actions should be mixed with the shots earlier filmed of the action itself. 10. The final video can be used to show to other farmers, to citizens to explain them how a farmer works, to advisors
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Succes factor If a farmer explains something to another farmer, it sounds more convincing. The devices you use are easy to get: smart phone, laptop, free programs for editing a film. You can show a video everywhere and to anyone.
Met difficulties The moment for filming the practice has to be choosen carefully. For the haying, you need clear weather. The farmer chooses the right moment and you have to be there immediately. He cannot wait longer. It takes a lot of time to edit the video, choosing the right images and explanations of the farmer in order to make it clear what and why he is doing this activity in this way.
Contact Davy Noelmans (VLM)
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Author of the index card Sylvie Fosselle, Davy Noelmans
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