Country : Belgium

Meadow Birds Café

Domain of activity : Agriculture, Management of environment
Place of experiment : Farm of farmer who manages his meadows for
Description of experiment : This experiment is based upon the methodology and the design principles of the World Café Process.
• Create a space where people can meet freely without conflict
• Start with interactive course of a science expert about agriculture and meadow bird topics
• Set up a discussion between farmers and nature ngo’s, so people can listen to the different visions upon the management of grasslands and meadows
• Give a present ‘recognizing meadow bird booklet’ to all participants
• Set up a field visit for showing the experiences of farmers and nature ngo’s
• End the Café with an Informal discussion and networking moment
More information : Principles
Collection (Dutch)
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Succes factor : to create a nice and 'safe' setting for bringing people together with
to create a networking evironment
to honour farmers and nature ngo's for their cooperative work
to give a present to the farmers
Met difficulties : Takes time to convince farmers, politicians to participate in the event.
Contact : Davy Noelmans (VLM)
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Address : Koningin Astridlaan 50, 3500 Hasselt
Town : Hasselt
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Author of the index card : Sylvie Fosselle, Davy Noelmans
Author Structure : VLM
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