Project SAGITER and agroecological farming- Szent István University

Structure Szent István University, Hungary
Subtitle / abstract Aims and objectives of sustainable agricultural production;
Target group
  • Students
Duration 4 × 2 hours (one 8-hour day training)
Preamble 1) The main aims of the SAGITER project. Aims and objectives of sustainable agricultural production; approaches, attitudes, methods and professional background. Presentation and discussion after previously realised visits to agroecological farms. 2) Practical experiences of agroecological farming: a good example of Kacár Farm, Szokolya, Hungary. Discussion and analysis after watching the short introductory film made during the farm visit. 3) The utilisation of agroecological knowledge and know-how within environmentally friendly farming, with a special emphasis on chemical free and ecologically approved technologies. Discussion and analysis after reading the written material and watching the short introductory film about Levendulamama, a herb producing family business. 4) Agroecology within the production, promotion and trading of local products on the basis of experiences of small enterprises in Vác and in its region. Good examples of the local markets in Vác and Nagymaros.
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Speakers Tamás Nagy
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Location of the training session

Adress Telep utca 2-4.
Post code 2600
City Vác
Country Hungary