Country : Germany

Traditional hedge management in the county Marburg-Biedenkopf

Subtitle / abstract : Reuse of traditional hedges for bioenergy
Domain of activity : Arboriculture
Support of the practice documentation : Text, Photos
Place of experiment : Marburg-Biedenkopf
Succes factor : There is a growing demand for bio fuels. Therefore it is easy to convince landowners to use the potential.
Met difficulties : The competition of land use causes a decline of natural space for flora and fauna. Maize for example is dominating the overall agricultural production. Often for the use of the production of biogaz.
Farmers are not aware of the benefit of hedge management.
Contact : Tim Roesler
Address : Deutschhausstraße 10
35032 Marburg
Town : Marburg- Biedekopf
Author of the index card : Nicolai Dellmann
Author Structure : University of Marburg