ENSIGA- footprint

Subtitle / abstract A educational game
Domain of activity
  • Educational sequence
  • Other
Objective of the tool/method The experimental game ENSIGMA is a method to teach about footprint and sustainability in schools. This method is used mainly for sensitization about society and the use of space. Besides, it teaches about the socio-economic impact on environment and it imparts knowledge about complex reciprocal systems. The Game is originally from Christoph Klebel.
Description of the tool What you need: • Game materials • Spacious room, with tables and chairs The aim of the game is to collect as many beans as possible. The game has ended when someone gains up to 15 beans. The proposed scenario draws on a fictional kingdom. Every group forms an empire. The goal is to gain beans (points) through the cultivation on productive surfaces. The host of the game is going to introduce after every round a new event. The groups have to react to the new scenario. The possible outcome of a game is often a dramatic decline of the productivity rate through the despoiling gaming behavior. The participants of the game need to adapt a modest behavior in favor of everyone surplus profit. The debrief of the game is very important and can be seen as crucial to the success of the whole method. The participants exchange in the debrief about the outcome of the game and the conjunction to their daily experience.
More information https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=94&v=YV1atZdndig (20.01.2016) (german) http://www.energiespiel.bayern.de/fileadmin/user_upload/energiespiel/dokumente/Energiespiel-Bayern-Planspielkonzept.pdf (11.09.2015) (german) Ensiga-footprint: Wie passen unsere Fußabdrücke auf dieses Erde? http://bildungsagenten.org/footprint/ (10.09.2015) (german)
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