Seminar for the transmission of AE-knowledge

Structure University of Marbug
Subtitle / abstract AE- Sustainebility
Target group
  • Teachers
Duration 1 Day
Preamble The students recognize that agroecology is a suitable philosophy for sustainable agriculture and develop comprehensive entry-level concepts. The seminar follows a narrow curriculum defined by SAGITER (Florac Seminar). This event includes combining, testing and subsequently evaluating the basic assumptions of AE & sustainability. Content fields: 1: Geography of peripheral spaces 2: Agroecology 3: Didactics
Principles of action __Subject of the teaching project__ Integration of AE in continuous lessons: AE in the age of intensive agriculture. The role of traditional knowledge. The linkage to the project SAGITER __Topic of the Block Event__ AE Knowledge in Geography - learning that “sustainability” is an ongoing process - make agroecology “visible” - to link between the theory and the practise
Phases in the training pathway 2 Modules MODULE 1 This module aims to sensitize the learners about the phiosophy of AE, and sustainability. Thus, the learner should become aware of AE. This module contains tools to reveal AE. MODULE 2 Focuses on the "learner" themselves. This module is oriented to the practice. The learner should learn about how to teach non formalized knowledge.
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Speakers Dellmann
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Location of the training session

Adress Deutschhausstraße 12
Post code 35037
City Marburg
Country Germany