Position of trainer as an expert

Positivist paradigm approaches :
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The positivist approaches are the most common because they emanate from the dominant current of thinking in education, which we find in the majority of professional training systems.

They are aimed at the acquisition of objective and uncontested agroecological skills. Thanks to the intellectual accompaniment, the learner is supposed to solve agroenvironmental issues to which he/she is confronted.

We favour three transmission procedures: training through reproduction of the gesture; training via demonstration; and training through experimentation, where the results are known in advance.


To demonstrate :
Video sequences for improvement of agroecological skills : A collection of video sequences developed for demonstration of frequent errors in traditional bast, wicker and straw products for National vocal qualification system in Slovenia is a good example how can agroeclogical konwledge be transferred by internet channels.

Experimentation and visualisation :

Furthering your discovery of training itinerary :
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