Seminar for the transmission of AE-knowledge

Structure : University of Marbug
Subtitle / abstract : AE- Sustainebility
Target group : Teachers
Duration : 1 Day
Preamble : The students recognize that agroecology is a suitable philosophy for sustainable agriculture and develop comprehensive entry-level concepts. The seminar follows a narrow curriculum defined by SAGITER (Florac Seminar). This event includes combining, testing and subsequently evaluating the basic assumptions of AE & sustainability.

Content fields:
1: Geography of peripheral spaces
2: Agroecology
3: Didactics
Principles of action : Subject of the teaching project
Integration of AE in continuous lessons: AE in the age of intensive agriculture. The role of traditional knowledge.
The linkage to the project SAGITER

Topic of the Block Event
AE Knowledge in Geography
- learning that “sustainability” is an ongoing process
- make agroecology “visible”
- to link between the theory and the practise
Phases in the training pathway : 2 Modules

This module aims to sensitize the learners about the phiosophy of AE, and sustainability. Thus, the learner should become aware of AE. This module contains tools to reveal AE.

Focuses on the "learner" themselves. This module is oriented to the practice. The learner should learn about how to teach non formalized knowledge.
Speakers : Dellmann

Location of the training session

Adress : Deutschhausstraße 12
Post code : 35037
City : Marburg
Country : Germany